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The Gold Plain


The Gold Plains are a large region with a mostly dessert climate located south of the Twin Rivers, and west of Conradinia. The Western Sea borders it to the west, and the Sea of Katiri does the same on the south.   Though bordered on two sides by large bodies of water, several not fully understood environmental factors lead to a severe lack of rainfall for the region, as well as what little moisture the area gets being removed from the ecosystem.   The Gold Plain maintains a largely uniform physical geography of very gently rolling hills, though these are in actuality large sand dunes that migrate through the region in a strange anti-clockwise manner. This changing landscape makes mapping the region a difficult, if not impossible task.


The fringe area bordering the Gold Plain is home to a range of flora and fauna adapted for arid conditions. This includes several species of an exotic plant from the southern hobgoblin kingdoms called a cactus, something akin to a melon with spikes.   The central plain is dominated by a single species, the Gold Grass that gave the region its name. The plain is covered in a mostly uniform layer of the hardy plant, its stems reaching from far below the sand.

Localized Phenomena

Though they are unconfirmed rumors, many travelers through the central area of the plains report the presence of strong undead monsters at night, though their origins are as of yet unknown.

Fauna & Flora

The primary life form of the Gold Plains is the endemic gold grass that gives it it's name.


The origins of the Gold Plain is, as of yet, completely unknown. It had formed sometime prior to the immigration of refugees from the western continent, and even the orc, the oldest race on Thea, have no records or oral traditions about its creation.   For the early years of the Empire of Thrain, the Gold Plain stood as a major obstacle to southern expansion. While shipping was possible along the coast, the preference for land based supply lines made the region largely untraveled until a more suitable route was found further inland.   Some records of the First Era report a nomadic tribe of people who while living in the region, subdued and sealed some ancient evil under the plain. Little else is concretely know about these 'Tera', much of the rest of their legacy being a few poorly documented artifacts and even more unfounded rumors.   Even after the fall of the empire, the Gold Plains have continued to serve as an economic, political and social barrier.


The fringes of the plains sometimes experience a few adventurers, and sightseers. Here small springs and intermittent streams may be found, or lacking those it may be close enough to a source of freshwater to feasibly carry what is need in.    Travel through the heart of the plains, let alone tourism, is nearly unheard of, except for the orcish caravan that travels north through the region once a year.
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