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The Howling Mountains

The Howling Mountains is the mountain range lining the northern border of the Yuruk-Tar continent. They are named so because of the deafening winds which blow through the mountain passes. Being on the edge of the sea has made the wind in these mountains frequent, strong, and unavoidable. Locals of the areas bordering the mountains refer to this wind as The Howls of the Forsaken . Although it is likely untrue stories are passed around among the locals of these places which claim that the wind originates from the last desperate, hateful, and mournful cries of those that have gone to the Northern Wastes an ocean north of the mountains and died cursing the malicious snow and cold of that desolate place. Passage through the mountains is rare because of these winds and doubly so because it is rare to find anything in the mountains worth finding, nor any good place to build a village or fortress. The winds of the mountains make travel dangerous as only the most sure footed can be assured that they will not be blown off and even then the winds make avalanches and blizzards frequent in the region making travel even more treacherous. Most buildings if not short and stout will be blown away in only a few day, and building such things with the furious winds is almost impossible. The few settlements that have been built in the mountains, whether a fort or a small mining village, required powerful wizards to use magic to tame the winds when building was being undergone, some wizards to this day believe it is possible to create a magical item to tame the winds permanently, at least in a small area. However it is unknown whether such an item has been made or if it is even possible. All the same people still come and go through the mountains as it is the quickest way to reach the Rabid Lands from Northern Silvaria, although even this form of travel is scarcely seen as there are few who wish to go to the Rabid Lands. In addition adventurers still find themselves in these mountains as mixed among the tales of the Howls of the Forsaken are stories of hidden treasure, orc strongholds, and dragon lairs. Although none of these rumors have been proven none of the adventurers that have made the trek through the mountains have come back. Whether they met their death by sword and fire or by The Howls of the Forsaken is unknown.
Mountain Range

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