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Skaule (Skull)

Summer Camp 2021

It was once a thriving city until 125 IA. Founded in 1283 DW. Only dark mage inhabit this area. It also was wiped off the maps. Mentions of it in books are destroyed. This happened in 23 IA. There are a few secret maps that still have the country on it. No one knows what happens there (ones that are loyal to the government). Some of the maps have been discovered and ceased to exists but people make more. People have been caught and they were exiled or killed. People refuse to acknowledge the existence of this forbidden country.   They refused to do a greatly honored traditon and the region descended into utter chaos. They considered it “not important” and a waste of time. Thought the necklaces/rings didn’t do anything. The children could control it on their own. A little destruction couldn’t hurt anyone, right?


Most of the landscape is burnt black and ruins of the old settlements due to powerful magic. No plants as far as the eye can see. The only sign of life is a building called the black magic church that is dedicated to learning the illegal magic arts.    Magic is very, very dangerous and is banned across the world. Anyone who is caught interested or fiddling with it is killed or already in serious danger. Nothing can prepare you for the effects of using magic.


It used to be a place where people of all cultures would settle down during harsh winters and storms. It slowly started being corrupted by its own government. Slowly started not doing some traditions and shunned people who entered their borders. Not much is known about why the government suddenly had a change of heart. The main government heard of this corruption and tried to make them change their ways but they always failed. The goverment threatened to exile them and they listened at once.
Alternative Name(s)
Ghost Country
Inhabiting Species

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Cover image: by SnapWireSnaps on Pixabay


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20 Sep, 2021 11:20

Can't say I'd like to visit Skaule, but there are a lot of cool threads and ideas in this article. Not sure if you are doing any role-playing but this sounds like a awesome place to incorporate.

--SC 2022's "Lost or Discovered Monument" JUDGE--
23 Sep, 2021 23:18

Thank you

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