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Fadrigül Badlands

The eastern lands of Orliüm used to be lush fields and rolling hills. Known for their bountiful harvests and numerous towns, the Fadrigül region was known as a pleasant place to live.  The environment was mostly temperate. Rainstorms would travel across the planes frequently enough to water the farms, especially in the spring. In the summer, one could expect stretches of heat and drought in a poor year, but these didn't happen often. The hills, meanwhile, offered plentiful game, even in winter, and provided the river sources for the planes.   When the Brightening came, everything changed.   Fadrigül was the first region to be ravaged by the sunbeasts as they poured down out of the newly opened sky. These beasts from the sun itself rained destruction across the lands, razing towns and scorching the surface until it was barren and lifeless. Tens of thousands died on the first day, and those who lived found themselves in daily battle for survival. Only the strange massive tree in the center of the region remained standing; almost everything else was reduced to dust.   In the years that followed, the Fadrigül region was altered as raw stellar magic saturated the land. Plants, animals, and even the water itself took on unpredictable enchantments. The rainstorms now carried other magical dangers on the winds. Any crops grown tend to possess new magical qualities that they never had before. All the while, the inhabitants must defend from the constant threat of the sunbeasts.   While that means there are food sources for those who live there, one must prepare for the chaotic element of these lands and tread carefully. Many try and avoid the area now, though it spans several hundred square miles. Only the Güllin peoples have managed to carry on living in the region, albeit a harsh and violent existence.


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