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The Gaya

The Gaya is a tropical rainforest that lies in central Barnakh. It historically contained the country of Ultawe within its spread, although the recent centuries have seen it regress as the land has been exploited.  


Archaeological evidence suggests that there was once a pre-breakdown city, or at least one, within the jungle. After the tragedy that struck Johorne it seems that the inhabitants still died en masse from exposure, despite the Gaya being one of the most food-rich regions on the planet. The large amount of remains of Human skeletons is a good testament to this reality. Yet there were survivors. Apart from the small tribes that still forage and hunt within the Gaya, Ultawe is the most noticeable remnant of the population that used to be there in large numbers. On their island home the ancestors of what would one day become Ultawe found particularly rich fishing grounds and would gradually return to civilization- although this would indeed take many, many years.   The Gaya would be made note of by many legends which spoke of the great jungles and beasts within them. In tales told by Cazian and Asomian traders and explorers, as well as Arasians in tales descended from their long ago forbearers who once lived on the continent.  


The Gaya is filled with all sorts of life, ranging from the smallest of insects to the tallest of trees which form the greatest of canopies. Of particular note are the Ejoka, which are a species of snake. Unlike most snakes, and indeed most reptiles, these snakes are able to shear meat off of a carcass. Their teeth line their jaws in a manner much more similar to the crocodilians than to other snakes. They practice cooperative hunting, in which several Ejokas will work together to secure a kill, although how intentional this is is unknown.
Forest, Jungle (Tropical)


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