Barnakh is not the largest continent, nor is the smallest one either. Barnakh is, however, the most vertical continent. Even where Kolaskyva and Fripperland stretch from tundra to jungle, either reaches only one third of Barnakh's latitudinal range.


Barnakh is a very vertical continent. As such, there is a great range of geographical and climatic features. There are three main region: The north, the median, and the south.   Northern Barnakh is mostly dominated by @Thaan, a former colony of Soadino. This northern region is mostly flat, with some jungle in the eastern reaches. Northern Barnakh is almost squarish in shape.   Middle Barnakh is less uniform. Whereas the north is a flat stretch dominated by few polities, the median is torn between both biomes and states. It begins after the eastern coast of Barnakh pulls in west to become a bay. After it pushes back east, a large peninsula is formed while¬†the continent gradually starts to swing west again. On the western side of the continent, the north sweeps in eastwards for an even deeper bay than in the west, forming the "neck" of Barnakh, where the continent is at its thinnest. It then pushes all the way back out, creating the "belly" of Barnakh. This region is mostly tropical, filled with rain forests.   Southern Barnakh is the thinnest portion of the continent. Although no parts are as thin as in the "neck" of the continent, the region is overall the thinnest. There is a mountain range that runs the length of most of southern Barnakh, creating a rain shadow effect which makes the eastern portion largely desert. The southern tip of the continent is also much cooler than elsewhere.
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