Kolaskyva is the largest continent in Johorne. It is vaguely rectangular and is entirely in the northern hemisphere. Its western edge is occupied by The Incorporated States of Atelia and Rutheinia, while its eastern edge is occupied by the Arasian nations, such as The United Provinces of Hadrin, The Kingdom of Ryfin, and The Kingdom of Tirin. Further east is the non-contiguous island nation of Soadino which is considered part of the continent, and to Kolaskyva's west lay The Stithin Republic, also part of Kolaskyva, and The Jasonic Kingdom of Etha and The Augustanate of Ectique, which are both part of the Ethanga continent.   Kolaskyva has a wide range of civilizations on it and has supported countless kingdoms and empires over the millennia.


Kolaskyva consists of a flat interior with large mountain ranges in both the east and west.
Alternative Name(s)
Dulka (By Ethains and Ethernians), Mizralsh (By Asomians).
Location under
Included Organizations


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