The Augustanate of Ectique

The Augustante of Ectique is the polity that governs all of Ethernia and some off-shore holdings. It is descended from the Ethernian Khanate and the kingdom of Sedun. Today it enjoys a prosperous economy and well-defended borders.


The highest title is that of the "Gilrokta," or "Protector/Guardian." This is a usually female title for the the ruling queen. The ruling king takes the title of Kinyuz. Below the monarch and their spouse is the diet, a gathering of local governors (Or usually their representatives in modern times) that confer with the monarchs. The diet's power is not too great, but it does limit the monarchs' power. Below the diet lay the regional offices.

Public Agenda

The Gilrokta and Kinyuz of course seek the advancement of their nation and seek to empower their regional allies.


Ectique traces its roots directly to Ethel Mezezi who founded it as the evolution of the kingdom of Sedun.

Demography and Population

Nearly sixty million people with its borders, mostly Ethernian. The different Ethernian groups are about balanced, although the Seduni are definitely the most numerable. Non-Ethernian minorities are mostly Ethains or Atelians.


All of Ethernia is governed by Ectique. In addition to this, there are some holdings in northern Fripperland and elsewhere where Ectique had once had a military presence centuries before.


A military which doesn't quite compare to that of its large neighbors the Ethains and Atelians, although it is well-equipped and trained.

Technological Level

One of the most scientifically advanced countries on the planet.


The traditional gods of Sedun were subsumed by the Ethain gods, and that religion had since spread to much else of Ethernia. There is also a sizable Manslatist presence in Legan and part of Sedun.

Foreign Relations

Very close relations with Etha, Asomia, and the Pride Islands. Basically piggy-backs off of Ethain diplomacy.

The coasts are our walls and the people our supports; together, they raise our state to secure Ethernia.


  • Medieval Ethernia
    This is a basic topographical and geographical map of medieval Ethernia.
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Ethernia, Ectique
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
The Ethernian Diet
Judicial Body
The Judiciary Fraternity
Related Ranks & Titles
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities


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