The Jasonic Kingdom of Etha

"The Jasonic Kingdom of Etha" is the official name of the country commonly referred to as Etha. Its direct roots lay in the king Kyohz Jason, who claimed descent from a line of kings of the old kingdom of Tyro, which is the modern capital of Etha. Over the course of nearly two thousand years, the line of the Jasonic kings would lead this civilization to dominate the entire continent. Its splendid isolation would end when it was forced into global conflict with some extra-continental nations, particularly the Atelians. The second of these conflicts would see Etha in a globally-powerful standing- one which it would embrace.



Public Agenda

The promulgation of the Ethain people.


Rich in resources and very populous. Has a relatively advanced understanding of the "World of Souls."


Founded as the second kingdom of Tyro by Kyohz over two thousand years before the present. Eventually united the continent under its dominion. Now in the modern day it serves as a world superpower.

Demography and Population

A population totaling upwards of near eight hundred million people, most considering themselves Ethain or another native group to the continent. Although there are sizable minorities of Asomians, Ethernians, Atelians, and Spoonish people.


Etha occupies the entirety of the Ethanga continent, as well as some Medoaquan islands.


The military is among the most powerful on the planet, only seeing substantial threat from the Atelian forces.

Technological Level

Etha is considered by many to be the most scientifically advanced country on the planet. This is not just by judge of its discoveries and innovations, but also by its implementation of new technologies in everyday life.

Foreign Relations

Etha has formal ties with most of the planet's states. It has the majority of its allies in the Medoaquan and Ethanga super-regions, eastern Kolaskyva, and northern Fripperland.

Ever unto the Dawn.


  • The Medieval Kingdom of Etha
    A medieval map of the Jasonic kingdom of Etha.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Royal Presidency of Etha, Etha.
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
The Jasonic Kingdom of Etha relies on a bicameral legislative system that is responsible for the majority of issues with law creation.
Judicial Body
The King's affairs are judged by his council, whereas the President's are by his Court.
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities


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