The Empire of Asomia

The Asomian empire is the dominant power in the Hamil Ainsolof with long roots in the region, tracing itself back to as far as the Bronze age.


The empire is headed by the emperor who overseas a bureaucracy and several subservient autonomous regions.


Controls the trade lanes of the Hamil Ainsolof, overseeing transfer of goods from Fripperland, Gala, Barnakh, Kolaskyva, and the greater Ethanga region that passes through the sea.


A long and very rich history, the Asomians arose at the dawn of Johorne's civilization. They were able to secure their home island and for millennia remained unassailed there at the expense of an eternal fringe that was constantly threatened by enemies.

Demography and Population

The majority of those living in Asomia are Asomian ethnically, although there are historic populations of foreign merchant communities on some islands.

Foreign Relations

Asomia's oldest diplomatic relations stretch back to the modern day Pride Islands, whom they have protected from foreign, particularly Rutheinian, aggression for centuries. They served as a defensible border state that could be used as a buffer from Kolaskyvan invaders. Other old diplomatic ties regard the Ethains, whom they came to regard as civilized equals under the reign of the Ethain king Elion, exchanging poetry and other gifts with the northerners, and the Ethernians of Ectique, whom they first formally met in a naval clash, though soon granted them fleet-basing rights in exchange for their support against their eastern enemies.

As the sun's rays point; our arms extend.

Founding Date
The founding date is unknown to history. There have been attempts at consensus by prominent historians, but the dates still vary wildly.
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Asomia, Medoaqua
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Related Ethnicities


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