The Asomians make up the largest portion of the people of the Hamil Ainsolof region.   As the region is largely ocean with islands in between, the people are historically ocean-going.   The Asomian complexion, like their close relatives, is that of bronze skin with a similarly darkened blond hair. Their eyes tend towards brown and blue, although green is not unheard of.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Aana, Aano, Pharja, Fatj.

Masculine names

Oon, Oona, Merhem, Merol.

Family names

Hak, Al'Ghul, Rasgarabi.


Major language groups and dialects

The Asomian language is the most common tongue among the Asomians.

Major organizations

The Empire of Asomia.
Encompassed species
Related Organizations


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