Basic Information


Four limbed bipeds. Humans possess an endoskeleton which surrounds most of the organs and is itself surrounded by flesh and muscle.

Ecology and Habitats

Humans have shown remarkable adaptation to many different biomes, although they prefer climates cooler than their internal body temperature.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Humans are found in the largest number on Earth, their original planet. However there do exist many human colonies, such as New Ravenna. In addition, there exist lost colonies, such as Johorne, where humans have been isolated from the rest of humanity for millennia. Finally, there was a human diaspora of sorts into the aliens states farther down the arm of the Orion.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Humans are capable of accessing The World of Souls, although individual connection varies greatly.

Civilization and Culture


Human societies, like most sapient societies, have a lot of variance. Although considered one civilization, in reality, the different worlds of humanity have often had quite contrasting societal structures.   Regardless, humans tend to have a strong view of kinship towards one another. Travel between planets is not too common, but, via the use of dimensional rifts possibly related to the world of souls, trade and communication over the astronomical distances is quite frequent.
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens
The lifespan of humans depends on where in particular they live, with those on Earth typically living hundreds of years.
Average Height
Although also dependent on location, Humans are typically found to grow to a height between 5'5''-6'7".
Related Ethnicities


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