Ethain in the modern day is used to refer to the people of the continent of Ethanga, who are all united under the kingdom of Etha. In a more specific sense, it might refer to the inhabitants of central Etha, or just the Ethaine region.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Reba, Tyra, Jezosel, Gotha, Gotzela, Alijah, Omefirre,.

Masculine names

Sezzlic, Kyohz, Glerigh, Kilomunj, Orgulik, Vellorov, Corlirse, Welexrim, Gotoh, Tyrouge, Ajikal, Imbval, Fexurok, Zarix, Elion, Antu'ohn, .

Unisex names


Family names

Jason, Denk, Nape, Otrika, Jerug, Akrum.


Major language groups and dialects

Ethain is the main language in Etha, although other regional languages, closely related to Ethain and otherwise, exist in common usage, as well, such as Epitaphi, Asomian, Seduni, and some select areas use Atelian as their primary language.

Shared customary codes and values

Much of Etha practices the same religion of "Ethaine" which spread from the region with its namesake during the Jasonic conquests of Ethanga. As such, the social and theological codes and values in the religion have spread throughout the entire continent. Also from Ethaine codes sprang the civil law codes, inspired by the religious doctrines and moral values.

Average technological level

In the modern era, Etha is at the forefront of technological progress and is currently focusing on incorporating new designs and technologies into the country's everyday life.

Common Myths and Legends

There are many Ethain myths and legends. Many heroes of old stories exist, from Dragon-slayers to Great kings.

Historical figures

Among the greatest historical figures in Ethain history are Kyohz Jason, the first king of the New kingdom, Sezzlic Denk, a renowned and celebrated soldier and general, and Zarix Jason, a great king who added huge tracts of land from both the west and the east to the kingdom's territories.


Beauty Ideals

For the most part, a pale skin tone and very dark hair is the norm for Ethains. As such, the contrast between black and white in this fashion is very much so sought after.

Gender Ideals

The traditional roles of men and women in Ethain culture are for the most part generic. Men were generally expected to join the military and women were encouraged to be productive mothers.

Courtship Ideals

It is generally expected that the man will take the initiative and eventually propose to the woman.

Relationship Ideals

The two halves of a romantic relationship are expected to give up their individual identities and to share everything with the other, so that they might truly become one.

Major organizations

The Kingdom of Etha is the nation-state of the Ethains. An important but secret organization within the kingdom is the "Soul World Research Center" which is focused on the study of the "World of Souls."
Encompassed species
Related Organizations


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