The term Ethernian is used to refer to the native inhabitants of modern-day Ectique. Among Ethernians there are many smaller distinctions, such as Seduni, Legani, and Kryti.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Tala, Ethel, Eriza, Isora, Afsha, Mexxerra.

Masculine names

Opuli, Aybeedef, Iglius, Jirurd, Iljima.

Family names

Mezezi, Skartga, Enshi, Kusho, Ovuli.


Major language groups and dialects

The main language groups in Ethernia are Seduni, Legani, and Kryti. There still persist in the Kolkal and mountainous regions other languages, though most of the nation speaks Seduni.

Culture and cultural heritage

Much of the nation has been influenced culturally by Ethain, Atelian, or both. Atelian architecture, language, and the religion of Manslatism is more influential in the east, whereas Ethain influence was always a more mainstream feature that was important not just in Sedun and Kryti, but in the national governance.

Average technological level

The Ethernians enjoy a high level of technological advancement, very similar to their neighbors the Ethains.

Common Myths and Legends

Ethernians share some myths and legends with the Ethains due to the cultural influence, although they have many to call uniquely their own as well.

Historical figures

Several major historical figures of note are also powerful queens. Isora, Ethel, and Mexxerra Mezezi are all important personages who contributed greatly to the nation.


Beauty Ideals

Ethernian ideals of beauty center largely on the blonde hair and blue eye combination, as the look is fairly common in certain regions and was prevalent in many of their famous queens.

Gender Ideals

Springing mostly from Sedun, and from there having its roots in the Hijuandagi invaders over a millennium ago, the country of Ethernia has had a long history of matriarchal and matrilineal rulership. This trend was also reflected elsewhere in society. Women have traditionally been seen as the gender suited for organization and administration, whereas men have been seen as the gender for action and war.

Courtship Ideals

Men in Ethernian culture, as often elsewhere, are usually seen to be responsible for the initiation of romance.

Relationship Ideals

Echoing the Ethains to their south, Ethernian relationship-ees are expected to give up their idea of the self for a more perfect union.

Major organizations

Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Languages spoken


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