Ahndru Jason

King Ahndru Jason

Ahndru Jason is the most recent king of Etha.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ahndru Jason was born in 1728 in the royal palace of Tyro. He was born to the previous king, Antu'ohn, and his wife.   His childhood was nothing too unusual and was spent as those of the royals before him were. He was given very skilled tutors to cultivate his intelligence and physical trainers to help strengthen his body. The only thing that really stood out in his childhood was his interest and skill with languages. Whereas most monarchs would be expected to learn several languages to at least a small degree, Ahndru revealed himself to have the workings of a polyglot.   As he aged he continued to show promise, especially in his language mastery. Besides just Ethain, he also mastered Seduni, Lypmi, Asomian, Etraki, Vanali, and Hado.       By his twenty second birthday, his father would pass. This would make him the new king of Etha. He largely followed his father's policies in external affairs. He maintained a heightened discipline for Etha abroad, trying to fight a resurgent Atelia's influence wherever he could.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1728 A.K. 29 Years old
Brown eyes.
Long black hair.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair skin.
Known Languages
JasonicSeduni, Lypmi, Asomian, Etraki, Vanali, Hado.


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