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Tyro is an ancient trade city founded some time in the early bronze age. As of the current day, it serves as the capital of the Jasonic kingdom of Etha and has done so for near two thousand years.


Most are Ethain, and of those generally natives to the region. Smaller Ethain denominations form around the continent also reside within the city. Alongside the Ethain groups, there are communities of Ethernians, Asomians, Spoonish, and eastern Kolaskyvans.


It is under the direct control of the king and his administration.


Tyro's main defense is the location that it enjoys. It is not only at the center of the state, but it is also surrounded by the sea. The sea lanes that bring goods to the capital are constantly patrolled and checked, and Tyro is permanently guarded by a strong fleet of vessels.

Industry & Trade

Much of the city is devoted to the great administration of the state, though by 'much' it should not be mistaken for a large percentage. Alongside this, the inhabitants of Tyro work for huge businesses and fishing.


The area is heavily urbanized with great structures for housing and professions that range from thousands of feet into the air, to some hundreds of feet underground. Even in this human-jungle, nature finds its way in, as well. Besides many of the structures incorporating means for natural habitats into their designs, there are many unmolested patches of nature within the city.

Guilds and Factions

There are several large guilds, descended from an older age, that are still pertinent in modern life. They have a broad range of services and functions from ring-making to construction services.


Tyro was an ancient settlement during the bronze age. The city's was eventually degraded when much of the civilization in Etha collapsed. Vestiges of some old noble lineage of Tyro returned from Pefaz across the sea centuries later and breathed new life into the region. The state would fragment over time until it was reunified by Kilomunj, an Ethain king. Thus the kingdom was revived and Tyro, as it head of administration, prospered. It would serve as the Ethain capital for centuries before the ousting of the monarchy, whom it would once again serve as the capital of when they returned to power.


Tyro is an island capital in the Tyro bay, situated in the Ethanga sea. In the past, Tyro got its fresh water mostly from rainwater reservoirs throughout the city.

Natural Resources

Tyro has some fisheries that have returned in the past years after suffering from over-fishing, but it is otherwise rather devoid of natural resources.
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