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Ignis - Plane of Fire

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If you are not acustumed to this plane, you will have a very bad time. This plane is hot, has toxic air and just burns your lungs with every breath. It's a horrible place, but still there are people and creatures who call this hellscape their home. Should you intend to travel there - which let me tell you is a very bad idea - make sure you are properly prepared or this will be your last trip anywhere.


Ignis is one of the most dangerous places for people from Lothrea - the material plane. The whole landscape is a hellscape of flowing rivers of sulfur, molten rock and burning fields. The air is filled with hot and toxic gases, which burns everyone and everything that is not protected against this harsh environment within seconds.


Ignis is home to many different magical and non magical creatures and organisms. They are accustumed and adapted to these conditions. The material plane is as hostile to them, as Ignis is to creatures from the material plane. Many different plants and fungi grow here, and are cultivated by the people and cultures calling this place their home.
Even if it's hard to believe that anything could survive under those horrible circumstances, there are actually quite a lot of biological organisms surviving there. They seem to be able to use the heat and the sulfur in the air, as nutrition.
  The temperature of this place is high enough to melt rock and steel, but still a few settlements have been formed here. The most prominent sapient species living within these settlements are Efreeti, Fire Giants and some Fire Genasi.
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