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Qer'Vaal (Ker-Vahl)

A world of very little known information, few archives exist of the world from before The Scream. Attempts to visit the world have been met with the assault and destruction of the vast majority of all scout ships.   The world is protected by an armada that overpowers through sheer numbers rather than individual strength.   That said, what is known of the world below is thus; The world is a deeply radioactive, immensely cold, dying world. The concept of organic life being present on this world for extended periods of time is - to all known metrics - impossible.   That said, The atmosphere is, surprisingly, breathable - if deeply irradiated. Limited scans of the world show little in the way of maintained cities and roads, leading to the question - how does this world sustain such a powerful armada when they're seemingly only concentrated in a few small areas of the world?


The planet is very small and features no oceans. It's oblateness is visable from orbit, and deep ridges run through large sections of the surface - some going as deep as to detail radiating green light. Beyond that, the surface is a dark, dead ball of rock and ashen snow.   A view from the surface would show a murky grey sky, dotted with dark grey clouds and - often - dust storms or low-flowing smog. Earthquakes are not infrequent, though damaging ones are rarer - numbering in the "monthly" rather than "hourly".


The life that remains on Qer'Vaal is very much what remains. The planet's biosphere shows signs of having been healthier at some point in it's recent history. There are plants, and there is what could be approximated as "grass" - but most higher order life does not exist outside of the planet's seemingly primary (and sole) city.   The remaining animals appear to be primarily rodent-akin or insectoid, surviving the conditions by sheer force of numbers.   What is important to note at this point is that while a large volume of life that persists is somewhat organic - if hardy to the radiation - the Ta'katan are Silicon-based life forms, suggesting that other life that originated on this world may be similar and are simply being overlooked.

Localized Phenomena

The world features several large "Radiation Hurricanes" - large masses of deeply irradiated material that are shot up from the core that then proceed to be caught in the planet's jetstreams. Any organic caught in it's direct approach would likely be at lethal radiation dosages within a few minutes of contact without high-grade protection.
Alternative Name(s)
"The Dark Green Dot" / "The Beachhead"
Owning Organization
Inhabiting Species

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