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The Basaltlisk (Basalt-Lisk)

Named by a particularly "punny" taxonomist and known about primarily through scattered records on the planet of Qer'vaal. Listed as a Native Inhabitant, from what we know they are silicone-based, stone-like beasts with bodies roughly the size of cows. They move slowly and deliberately, and feature a tail twice as long as their body, made of much lighter and thinner material.   Some diagrams show the beast without this tail, which has lead to speculation that it is either a case of sexual dimorphism or that the tail can be removed without much stress to the creature.   Beyond that, very little is known about them. The only other additional note is that the creatures are typically a soft red colouration; notable only due to Basalt being typically a dark stone. This reveals more about the Taxonomist than the Basaltlisk, however.

Basic Information


The species appears to feature no individual organs internal systems whatsoever at first glance, however on deeper examination the harder outer casing actually contains several channels for nutrients and other such material to be forced through. Porous rocks within the mass act to perform the roles of organs, and excretion is resulted by simply "sweating" the remnants.   Beyond this, they are a large, cylindrical stone construct featuring 4 legs and one extremely lengthy tail. Their heads are almost perfectly circular, featuring no visible features. The front has a small groove which opens, however this is the only notable feature. The beast has an neck which can extend from their body, but it is only used to reach out of reach food.

Growth Rate & Stages

The species seems to have some form of Genetic Memory, therefore a freshborn is as functional as an adult - if small. There is noted disorientation in youth, however this comes down to not being used to their new scale.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

This species is noted to primarily be located in open planes in the western hemisphere, however their territory has been split in recent history during the planet's ongoing scarring.

Average Intelligence

This species's intelligence has not been outright studied, however it is suspected that they posess similar intelligence to dinosaurs. This in turn is only thought of due to their size and very basic examination of how they act - not on rigerous research.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The species appears to rely on having a near-perfect "memory" of it's surroundings. While it can determine it's surroundings by sensing tremorus in the ground, it also remembers the locations of things it places perfectly - to the point of deep anger and confusion if said item is moved.
Scientific Name
Silica Qer'vaal Basiliscus Lapide
Believed Functionally Immortal
Average Weight
Average Length
7-8 meters
Geographic Distribution

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