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Lake Comtu (Com-to)

Lake Comtu is a subterranean lake in the mountains of Gig Gasan Kurene. this is the supposed emerging point of the Lizardfolk. When entering the cave that leads to the lake a visitor will be greeted with fumes that smell like rot making most people turn away immediately. As a person ventures closer to the lake the fumes become overwhelming and deadly. Naturally, breathable air is not present at the lake, people who go here must have breathing aids to filter and clean the air of its poison. If a person has the right tools to get to the lake and be conscience they will emerge on the main shore of Comtu and see a large red lake illuminated by the naturally accruing bioluminescent moss living on the wall and ceiling of the cave, turning the lake a deep purple. Across from the main shore of the lake is the small village of Sherpu only visible as a ghostly shadow at the edge of sight.


Lake Comtu is a subterranean lake that is turned red for unknown natural reasons Lizardfolk believe the lake is actually the blood of their God Numbakulla. It is believed that the smell comes from an underwater source but scientific understanding of why is not available as studying the water is difficult if not impossible because the water is corrosive to normal flesh. Religious people believe the smell is from the decomposing body of Numbakulla and it is the smell of pure life coming from him.

Localized Phenomena

Lake Comtu's has to localized phenomenon
One is the Illuminated moss (Essence Moss ) on the walls of the cave bathing the area in an ethereal glow. How this mosses bioluminescent nature is achieved is not fully understood.
the second is the small specks of glowing somethings that are occasionally visible in the water working theories suggest that these specks are a key factor in the illumination properties of the moss. Many of the followers of Siptuism actually believe this is the fractured reams of Numbakulla pulsing with life potential waiting for the right moment to burst into creation and and be made into something new.
When the speaks become visible and the lake is still what is known by locals as the "Window to Creators Workspace" is formed. If you were there and looking out at the lake it would seem as if a whole new world was being created in the depth of the water. the mosses reflections are like a nebula in deeps space and the specks like stars dotting the night sky. many people believe there are seeing creation in Really time when they witness this event as if they have a window to the working of the gods.
Alternative Name(s)
Lake of Blood
Underground / Subterranean
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19 Jul, 2021 13:41

Okay now this was bit of a dissapointment. Mainly by raising expectations for this article in different one. I was led here literally by following the luminiscient moss, which claimed that the luminiscience is thanks to the specific water from this lake. Alas, no details about the water? Where it get its properties from? Or rumors about origin of the water properties if no proof exist. And because the water is getting exported, some might start to fear it might be running out... Maybe the lake was a lot of stale water stored inside over god know how long, which will justify fears of running out of the specific water at some point. Maybe new water is being generated, but how long it takes for the properties in the new water to manifest?   The poisoned air is nice, did someone managed to weaponize it? Be it via condensing it into liquid, or by capturing enough of the air into canisters.