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Siptuism (Sip-too-ism)

Siputism is a Religion of the lizardfolk originating from Lake Comtu. it is the belief that lizards did not originally come from Lam as many believed but instead came from the mountains on Anpa. This belief comes from the idea that lizardfolk are direct descendants of the god Numbakulla being made of his flesh and blood.

Mythology & Lore

Siptuists believe that the lizardfolk came from the God Numbakulla. When Numbakulla was old and the transition was upon him he cast his body into Lake Comtu he bound his terrestrial body with ancient magic to the waters of the lake and its inhabitants and died. When this happened the organisms in the water started changing and growing. After a time of evolution, the organisms of the water emerged from the waters as Lizardfolk and they grew and moved to the lands outside of the cave soon venturing far and leaving the home to explore the lands.

Divine Origins

As early nomadic tribes of lizard folk expanded out on the continent of Asmatum one group found themselves in the Gig Gasan Kurene mountain range. as they ventured into the range they happened upon a cave and settled there for the night. a group of younger men ventured into the cave to see if there was anything that the tribe could use during their travel. after about an hour the young men started to feel sick from the fumes coming from deep in the cave. As they turned around to leave one of the men noticed a picture in an alcove of the wall. When the men looked at it closer they saw what is known as the story of Numbakulla. Excited and confused the young men rushed home to get the elders to show them.

Cosmological Views

The Septists believe everything that we see is at its lowest form of existence only stopping at Asmatum for a time as their spirit moves to another existence. the commonly held belief is that Reality is in a staged existence and everything here is moving into a new better realm of existence at different rates. The most basic realm of existence is Zaqiqu a realm that exists in pure light and everything is a vaporous and ever-changing form together and separate all at the same time. The realm that the people of Asmatum live in is Kasru the realm of the physical form where the essence of Zaqiqu comes after its transition. When life transitions from Kasru and departs the physical form they enter the realm of Tub Libbi the realm of bodiless exsistance.
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