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Soul's Island


  Soul's Island holds only the most extremely prepared fauna and flora, including the incredibly rare and sought after Soul Rose.   The landscape is partly hilly and barely covered in a light dusting of grass and other plantlife, leading to a very deep brown horizon. It holds no trees and no water sources on land barring some small creeks, and the few animals that do survive there are mostly coastal dwelling.   The only break in the desolation that is the entire island is the Soul Rose, and due to its largely transparent nature, it is easy to simply walk by without noticing more than a slightly bright spot on the ground that could be mistaken for one of the small lizard creatures that live upon the island.   There are some rumours of parties who have found caves with immense value, though those who do return usually tell nothing of these sorts of stories, claiming that they're false and the lies told by men who wish the island held more significance than it does in the world.  

Impossible Situation

  There have been times where people have used Soul's Island as a place for self imposed exile, though crossing the Bay of Souls can be a chore by itself, as the narrow strait that bridges between it and Kirchwal is incredibly rough for the majority of the year.   With nearly a zero percent chance of survival past the first few days, those who do go to Soul's Island go there to die, usually seeking some sort of punishment after forcing themselves into exile. The few parties who survive longer than that often find bodies within a day of their stepping onto the island.

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Aug 7, 2021 14:13

So do some countries send people to Soul's Island as punishment? You say some people go there as self-exile, but would the nearby country of Kirchwal send people there as punishment? I really like this island. It's melancholic and fatalistic, but it's necessary.