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Soul Rose

"Seen as an extremely valuable plant only held in a few places outside Soul's Island, the Soul Rose is..."

Love's Intensity

  Found naturally only on Soul's Island, the Soul Rose is a very delicate and extremely desired flower.   Said to hold the soul of your perfect companion, if you manage to gain one and present it to your companion, you can be certain that they will swoon for you, albeit only if they like flowers.   The Soul Rose, while it looks much like any other rose you may be able to find, it has almost perfectly transparent petals, with only the opalescent bud of it holding any colour at all. Its stem holds no thorns and is a very pale green. It is entirely smooth to the touch, almost akin to glass, and can shatter similarly if dropped.  

Love's Fading

  The largest problem in trying to cultivate the Soul Rose outside of Soul's Island is that without being enchanted with a piece of sustaining magic, the flower dies in barely over a day.   Expeditions to try and gain and keep a seed to grow a Soul Rose bush off the island have largely been met with failure, often not properly casting the sustaining charm or losing it in the choppy waters of the Bay of Souls.   The only successfully cultivated Soul Rush bushes are held in secure gardens owned by none but the wealthiest persons of the Eight Lands, including at the rooms of the The Keeper at the Magisterium.


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Aug 7, 2021 14:17

Oooh, interesting concept there! Made me instantly think of the Harry Potter love potion, but with a Rose in this case. How long can a person be swayed by a soul rose? And also, what if they don't like flowers? Does something happen, or just nothing?   Keep up the good work! :D

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