The Magisterium

The Dangers of Magic

  The Magisterium is famed for their persecution of malicious wizards and magical beings, specifically those that fall outside of the Standards of Casting, a law that applies to every wizard or magic user in the Eight Lands.    

The Highest

  Throughout the history of the Magisterium, few have ascended to the rank of Keeper without extreme effort or extenuating circumstances. The Keeper is the highest known status of the Magisterium and is responsible for the safeguarding of the entire Eight Lands. Below the Keeper, the High Magistrate Council has final ruling over any matter of great import that deems their say needed.   The High Magistrate Council is made of a group of thirteen individuals, eight of whom are high ranking in their own specialization and the remaining five are made of highly capable magic users from outside the Magisterium and represent their own branch of casting.    

Shine light. Shine knowledge. Shine magic.

Guild, Mages
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