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The Deserts of Haraq {WASC 2021}

The continent of Haraq contains the deadliest deserts and harshest hot spots found on Sagadorm. The Al-Nahura Haraq and Al-Riyah Haraq being the most prominent.

Diversity in Desolation

There is a lot of diversity in the deserts of Haraq. Most think of and list vast dunes of sand as far as the eye could see. While there are those within Al-Nahura Haraq, the landscape is more varied than one would suppose.

A desert is only determined by the amount of rainfall gathered over a year's period of time. Specifically, this is defined at 50 cm or 20 inches per year. However many parts of Haraq do not even receive that much. Topography of Haraq is as varied as any other continent on Sagadorm. This includes mountains, canyons, wide valleys, slot canyons, and other geological formations not found anywhere else in the world.

"The four main types of desert include hot and dry deserts, semi-arid deserts, coastal deserts, and cold deserts."
— National Geographic

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There needs to be a map drawn of this continet for me to determine the layout of the different regions and landmarks.


Of Buring Wind and Water

The Desert of the Burning Wind (Al-Nahura Haraq) and the Burning River (Al-Riyah Haraq) are the two largest and most well know regions within Haraq.

Yashkur River: The largest and most prominant river winding through the semi-arid deserts of the Haraq continent. The word "Yashkur" is derived from the Arabic word for "gratitude."


People of the Desert

Multiple cultures have found homes within the deserts of the Haraq.

Yamshi Clan: The nomadic herders who were the first group to permanently settle the lands upstream from the Great Haraq Delta. Etymology: Arabic for "Walk"



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