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The Frigid Lands of The North

"The howls...They are ceaseless, unearning and I feel them crawling into my frozen bones. this land is cursed and cruel, we should have never come here! But this realm now has us in its jaws, and it will never let us go....
-Author Unknown
  The Harshest of lands in this unforgiving world. Leirgar is also commonly referred to by folk of Strigg as The Wolfen realm. Found far to the north on the island It is a tundra of chilling natural beauty only marred by otherworldly features from its forsaken history. Inhabited by folk as wild as the Region, they are known as The Fen'drea. But it is the Regions deadly storms and dreadful monster that are the true danger for any foolish enough to journey this far into Leirgar unprepared.


The lands of Leirgar are difficult to say the very least. A hellscape of monsters and frozen death would probably be more fitting description of the Tundra. Rolling hills of scrub brush, craggy rocks and ice. That's just the summer months, The winter offer no shelter to those unprepared. The coastline offers little in the way of reprieve either, the northern most shores are great cliffs looking over crash waves of freezing water. snow capped ridges and mountains dot the land. Glacial movements has also left the Leirgar pockmarked with deep tunnels and caverns, some inhabited while other only gift a swift death as you plunge into an unseen crevasse.  

Localized Phenomena

The Corpse of Fengrih

  The King of wolves is a carcass which forever marks this tundra with its taint. The mountain size body stills lays where it fell over 500 years go during the events of Fathnornacht. Its permafrost blood sprayed wide for miles in every direction. Great chains bind the remains to the frozen ground. Placed their by unknown hands, maybe even the last act of whichever deity had slain the godbeast.  

Bleeding Spears

  Scaring the white tundra red with Fengrih's blood, The frozen sanguine fluids of a god has had bizarre consequence for the entire region. The seemingly permeant ice has inexplicably congealed over the long centuries into ominous scarlet monoliths. These towers known as Bleeding Spears dot the landscape of Leirgar. More worrisome is the effect they see to have on all things in their presence. Animal go mad, while whispers and nightmare plague any explorer foolish enough to camp beneath their shadow. In recent reports by Striggian expedition, something new has raised some alarm. Rumors are that men have begun to see thing move inside that bloodstained ice that composes those disturbing monuments. Something alive.....

Fauna & Flora


  One of the few Botanical flowers that survives this far north to the bewilderment of many curious Herbalists. It both prized and scorn for its particularly ability to absorb heat. Its nectar can be distilled into several useful poultices including a fire retardant, an anti-inflammatory and more infamously as a deadly poison. The victims of which die a slow death by hypothermia, It is called White Wither and it is believed to be the poison used to kill the last high king of Vierda.  


  This beast is seemingly a cross between a Bison and a Boar. This shaggy haired omnivore is a signature herd animal of the region. Living mostly off the scrub and what little game it can trample and devour. These might creature spend most of the ever lengthening winter months living off the stored up fats in its body when food become scares. They have become a vital part of The Fen'drea nomadic existence, using them as beast of burden, mounts and a stable food source.
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The Wolven Realm
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