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He's so cold, but that not possible... oh spirits! called for The Druid, Quickly! The High King... he's been poisoned...
-Luthric, Former Captain of The Highguard
This vibrantly hued and hard to acquire Flower can only be found in the harsh tundra of Leirgar. Hidden among the plentiful snow and low lying scrub Hearthbane is most curious of plants. What small quantities are sold beyond the boarders of the region fetch a superb profit. Sought after by every would be alchemist, herbalist and assassin from Strigg to Arbilan, This flower is infamous for its deadly properties.

Basic Information


This Arboreal Plant, has a striking appearance in the wasteland of the wolfen realm. Bright purple pestles blossoms atop a thorny stack and green leaves. Hearthbane's most prominent characteristic is it nectar. The plant weeps a blood red sap that glows faintly from bioluminescent compounds found in the sought after substance. It is from this nectar that This dangerous plant gets its name.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The nectar of this Tundra flower has the most curious of effects. primarily an innate ability to absorb heat at an extraordinary speed. Leading to some truly novel applications, including a fire retardant spray, several heat resistant poultices, but most importantly a lethal form of poison. This dangerous brew is known as Winter Wither. Simple skin contact can cause the loss of limbs, but its truly deadly when ingested. This poison causes extreme hypothermia in its victims leading to a cruel and painful death as your body freezes regardless of despite any effort you might take to counter it. There are stories of alchemist throwing patients into fires in an attempts to increase their core temperature. The most famous case invoking this affliction is of course the murder of the Last High King. Who was killed in his very bed chamber by an assassin who poisoned his wine.
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