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The Festering Basin

The Festering Basin sits upon the edge of Aspax, a gaping maw which threatens to swallow any and all who are brave enough to enter. Left by some powerful force in the time before history was recorded, the basin is a massive crater which sits at the western edge of the Aspaxian Empire, in the pass between the Dolbourg mountains. To most, the Basin is a contaminated area which they should never enter.   To others, the Basin means opportunity.   The Basin is chock full of many horrifying mutated aberrations, this much is true, but it is also host to many large deposits of Orichalcum and other valuable resources. A pretty penny can be made from various dangerous occupations in the Basin, from mining for Orichalcum to killing and selling the parts to particularly impressive or magical mutated beasts. As the only part of the border between the Aspaxian Empire and Assmyae not blocked off by the twin ranges of the Dolbourg mountains, any aspiring traders who have reason not to come by boat to the Empire are forced to make the very dangerous trek through the Basin.   Guiding would-be entrepreneurs through the Festering Basin is a job as lucrative as it is difficult, which is to say extremely so. Basin guides often live in small tribes and villages at the edge of the Basin, where they learn from young ages how to move across its wastes while not attracting any unwanted attention - and when necessary, defending themselves from that attention.   The Festering Basin is both a blight and a blessing for the Aspaxian Empire. On one hand, it provides them with perhaps the most powerful resource in the world in the form of Orichalcum. But, on the other hand, it also prevents them from ever invading Asmyae in order to spread their influence.   For Oerla, the Basin is nothing but a blessing. They have launched multiple attempts at securing the Basin and gaining the resources within.
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera

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