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Prompt 11: Icey Barrens

Few people survive long in the Icey Barrens. Many have tried to tame that land, only to be added to the number of statues that litter the land. Some believe it's done by a rogue spirit. Others think it's because the essence has been twisted by some relic left by the Lazari. A few think it's simply that no one is prepared to survive such a cold place. Either way, no one should head through that land unless they are ready to die. - A man with a scruffy beard.
    The Icey Barrens may sound like a nice place, but it is a frozen wasteland. While most of the region of the frozen lands can be considered that, this land is free of any fertile ground. It also has varying temperature that seems to be caused by the damaged flow of essence in the area. The deeper you go the more likely you are to find the frozen body of someone foolish enough to stay in those lands.   Whole settlements were lost to the frozen winds of the glade. Given at best a month before they would be consumed by the ice. Few plants grow there as most would end up frozen. Leaving only Zidian trees enchanted by ice and plants which seemed to have mutated to survive the cold.


A frozen land that is surrounded by plateaus and mountains. A land where cold air fills the land and few plants grow.

Another Settlement lost to the Icey Barrens

  Another group of settlers hoping to establish a trade route through the Icey Barrens have been found frozen stiff after a month of living on the border of the Icey Barrens. Investigators went to check the settlement when the latest shipment of zidian sap didn't show up for delivery. When the investigators got there they found a ghost town inhabited by the frozen corpses of towns people. Now one survivor was found. -The Salire Times

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