The Thish. If something has to be cursed, might as well be that. Technically the Thish is a forest. A dry, sparse, haunted, freezing, bleached forest that no one in their right mind goes into unless they have to, let alone lives there.   It serves as the border between Ahp Lewab and The Outlands, set right along the northeastern corner of the Abhalzh and pushed into both the Nott Ridge and the Northern Mountains.   There's not much notable here, not in the wain grass struggling to survive through the bitter cold, not in the thin, skeletal trees stretching just a little too far into the pale, sun-bleached sky. Not the small foraging birds hopping about and sifting through the carpet of leaves for the smallest seeds. This place is simply a wasteland with little to encourage growth beyond what little calls this place home.  

One Path Through

  Snaking between the trees is a path; a worn, old, thin, dying path through the Thish. As far as is known, this path is the only path through the Thish. Currently, any attempts to make any more are met with assumed death. All the people know is an explorer goes in and never comes out again.   At each entrance there are signs in abundance warning travelers to stay on the path, stay on the path no matter what the voices say, no matter what is chasing you. Stay on the path or you may never find it again.  

Wind Blows The Lost Man Home

  One steady and unrelenting constant is the wind. Cold, Harsh, and Biting; whipping through the trees with abandon, fueled by the gales pouring down from the northern mountains. The wind will tear flesh if you let it, hungry for flesh and blood and bone. Some say if you stay too long under the trees the wind will stop. The wind will stop and the screaming will begin.   All is not lost however. While cold and bitter, when you are lost, the wind will be your best friend. It always blows south, pushed away from the mountains. It may hurt you, it may try to steal the breath from your lungs or rip the flesh from your bones but it will always lead you home.  

Ghosts love the Cold

"They are there, you know, they are. Trapped by the gale and stuck on the trees. They can't move on, not them, not those half-forgotten spirits."
  While ghosts, spirits, and other spectral entities are not totally uncommon, they are still bound by the laws of what holds them to this plane, whether it be a purpose, a memory, a loved one, a spirit has a job and when it is completed they move on. Simple as that.   But still some don't. Some linger, loosing themselves to time and decay becoming what most deeply fear: Remnants. Unfortunately for all who live in the area, The Thich seems to be a Remnant breeding ground. There are many theories as to why this is: an old curse, the general idea that the forest itself is a remnant, or the most common, that they are trapped by the wind, forced to live in the forest until the day the wind dies and they are set free.   The only way to know the truth is to ask one, and no one dares for they live deep in the woods and generally don't like talking to anything with a heart beat. So a mystery it all stays.  

Not Everyone Is in Their Right Mind

  Well, a mystery to most. There are rumors of a group of Dragonborn who have made this place their home, despite the cold, despite the terrors, despite the general lack of natural food. While the rumors are spoken only in the dead of night to warn travelers about to brave the path, I have learned they are called the Angilnga, the wind Walkers.   People say, after you buy them a round or two, that the Angilnga are the guardians of the Thish. That they hunt down all those who stray from the path for sport. That they paint themselves with blood in striking patterns and their eyes are all bleached white by the wind. Some are even bold enough to claim they are the direct servants of Arwe, aided by her winds, after a couple more rounds of course.   There is little way to tell if there is any truth in what they say, just that it is said.
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)
Inhabiting Species

A strange way of thinking

Over time and after enough drinks the locals will stop referring to the Thish as a place but. Living creatures that swallow the people who stray whole. Some outsiders jokingly compare it to Eden in that right only to be met with cold stares and a hushed warning to be quiet, it might hear you.   Some people do believe that the Thish and Eden are in some way connected, but there is little proof to go along with this. The flora and Fauna are all different, and people who get lost do occasionally make it out…just not often.  

Little white flowers

While it is true that nothing much grows here, there are a few exceptions. The trees for one, which are just standard trees striving to survive the unbearable cold and lack of water other than what trickles down from the mountains. The grass and small bushes are another, some producing small clumps of bright red berries, others just thorny and annoying.   Marble Buds are more commonly found along its borders, making a beautiful white and grey marking of its edges.  

Creatures of the Wood

Very little calls this place it's home other than small sparrows and the occasional Abhalz creature that got lost. This does not include the Teacup Wyvern in all its kalidesopic cuteness. If you are looking for a Teacup Wyvern, the Thish is the best place to look for them.   Good luck catching one though.

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