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The Sulphurous Sands

In the east of the Deep Underdark lies the chaotic geographical maelstrom that is known as the Sulphurous Sands, a massive wasteland of black sand and igneous rock surrounded by the lava sea that dominates the Deep Underdark.


The Sulphurous Sands are an enormous expanse of black sand and chunks of igneous rock that have been spewed up out of the sea of lava that surrounds the land masses of the Deep Underdark. The Sands have built up over eons and continue to slowly, but surely expand as bordering lava continues its never ending process of belching up particles of rock onto its shores. The Sulphurous Sands are a dangerous place, as the landscape is constantly shifting, as the sand and igneous gravel is shunted around by the seismic actions of the Material Plane, the expansion or explosion of pockets of noxious gas trapped within the sands, the movement and actions of the surrounding lava and even in some places the movement of creatures. Large deposits of mineral salts also appear and crust over the surface of many parts of the Sulphurous Sands, but these salts are often highly caustic and should not be consumed under any circumstances.   At the centre of the Sulphurous Sands is a large lake, which has no name of its own, but which is considered to be an integral and inseparable part of the landscape. However, this lake is not composed of water, but of sulphuric acid, which is kept so warm by the surrounding landscape that it is constantly disgorging plumes of acidic steam into the air, which can be deadly for those caught in them.

Fauna & Flora

Though deemed to be one of the most inhospitable places in the whole of Kelbonnar’s Material Plane, life still survives there. In particular, one organism, known as Yellow Bread Algae has not only learned to survive, but thrives in the waters of the lake of sulphuric acid at the heart of the Sulphurous Sands, where it floats on the surface in huge rafts.   Xorns are also relatively commonplace in the region, as they are drawn to the deposits of gemstones that are moved around within the sands.

Natural Resources

Whilst the Sulphurous Sands may seem completely inhospitable and devoid of anything useful, the natural shifting of the sand, and cycling of matter up to the surface means that precious gem deposits, diamonds especially, dredged up from deep beneath the chaotic surface of the world even below the Underdark are deposited on or near the surface of the Sulphurous Sands, where they can be easily gathered. These gemstone deposits are what give the people known as The Forsaken their livelihoods.
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