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Deep Underdark

The lowest of the Underdark's three levels, the Deep Underdark is the most geographically turbulent. It has by far the smallest amount of land or solid rock of the three levels, with much of its extent taken up by enormous lakes, rivers and pools of lava, which are collectively referred to as the Lava Sea.   It is by far the least travelled of all of the Underdark, with few from the Middle or Upper Underdark venturing this far underground, and even fewer from the surface world. Nevertheless, there are sapient creatures that still call this place home, though these communities tend to be elusive, disconnected, or unconcerned about contact with the upper world. However, several Duergar cities have established outposts in the Deep Underdark, and several mixed species prospecting communities have also sprung up in the region, to take advantage of its rich caches of gems.


The Deep Underdark is a swelteringly hot, miasma filled and oddly light area, considering its name, thanks to the face that so much of it is dominated by lakes, rivers and channels of lava, which are collectively termed the Lava Sea. Choking clouds of poisonous gas and brimstone regularly roll off the lava flows and many creatures, both sapient or no have met their ends being caught in open during one of these deluges.   What land does exist in the Deep Underdark is rocky, barren and desolate and it is regarded as one of the most inhospitable places in the whole of Kelbonnar’s Material Plane. However, life does survive and often thrive down there. All manner of creatures call the Deep Underdark home and sapient creatures also reside there by choice. The people known as the Forsaken, who live in the Sulphurous Sands are a prime example of how people can thrive in the Deep Underdark, if they are prepared to adapt to survive.

Natural Resources

Of all of the Underdark's levels, the Deep Underdark has the highest occurrence of gems and precious stones. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, diamonds and almost any other kind of gem one could think of can be found here in much higher abundances that they are encountered in the higher levels of the Underdark or on the surface world. Indeed, whole passages and walkways in the Deep Underdark have been reported to have been made out of solid gemstone, with one passageway in particular, which is rumoured to be made entirely of diamond having achieved almost mythical status amongst mining and merchant circles, though none are entirely sure if it even exists or not.


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