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Eye of Orivious

Theorised to be the main vent of an enormous, now long extinct volcano, the Eye of Orivious is a chasm that links all three of the Underdark's  levels, that is so big, both in terms of depth and width that reports of its existence are seldom believed when they make it up the ears of the surface world’s inhabitants.


Plunging nearly 30,000 ft down into the depths of the material plane, the Eye of Orivious is an enormous roughly circular chasm that originates at the floor level of the north western Upper Underdark, punches through the Middle Underdark and ends at the ground level of the Deep Underdark. In terms of its width, whilst it has been impossible to physically measure the distance, the diameter of the Eye is thought to be many hundreds of miles across, far too far to see across the whole expanse.   Within, the sides of the eye are by no means smooth, but are cragged and rocky, with numerous projections out into space, rock shelves and caves set within its walls. All of these can potentially provide homes to a myriad of creatures, and many of the caves also link up with other tunnels that may exit into any one of the Underdark's other levels.   In addition, two large rivers flow into the maw of the eye, from the Upper Underdark, one from the north, the Ice Tooth River, and one from the south, the Black Water River. Both of these enter the eye and become waterfalls, which end in plunge pools of lava in the Deep Underdark, causing much of the water to instantly evaporate into steam.  

Navigating the Eye

  Whilst it would be impossible for a creature without the natural ability to fly to traverse Eye of Orivious unaided, it is perfectly possible for creatures to scale up or down the Eye, provided that they have the stamina, the skill at rock climbing and, perhaps most importantly, luck on their side. The sheer height of the Eye, let alone the fact that no direct safe route down has ever been discovered, means that it would take many days, possibly weeks for most creatures to complete the journey.  


  Almost all of the sapient denizens of the Underdark know a version of the mythical origins of the Eye of Orivious.   Orivious is believed to have been an Elder Deity, a proto-god of unimaginable power, who was eventually overpowered by a consortium of other gods that exist within the celestial plane around the world of Kelbonnar, with allies from other planes of existence, some even believe the Hells as well, aiding them in the feat.   Some say that the Eye is the path of destruction that Orivious wrought as he was dragged down into the depths of the Material Plane and into the demi-plane that now serves as his prison. However, some believe that, rather than being a scar left by his subjugation, the Eye is in fact, Orivious’ last act on the Material Plane, a demonstration of the raw power that he still hung onto, despite his imprisonment. A reminder to all that he can still influence the world from within his planar cell, and perhaps a clue to whatever followers of his remain as to where the entrance to his prison may be found.

Fauna & Flora

The sheer rocky nature of most of the Eye’s extent, means that most of the creatures that dwell within it, are either incredibly adept climbers, or are able to fly. As most of the Eye that passes through the upper and middle sections of the Underdark are almost permanently pitch-black the area harbours large colonies of bats, who fly off into the depths of the surrounding Underdark via the many tunnels that open up onto the Eye’s sheer expanse.   With regards to the flora that clings onto life in the Eye, it is mostly restricted to various types of fungi and moss, who can survive with little, or no soil to root themselves in.
Alternative Name(s)
Orivious' Prison / Orivious' Revenge
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