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The Lonely Lake

In the south west of the Upper Underdark, is a large body of water that stands alone in a cavern that is otherwise devoid of life. Despite its, rather unwarranted, reputation as a lifeless wasteland, the Underdark is actually full of life normally, but this cannot be said of the Lonely Lake and its surroundings. Those who travel near the shores of the lake, or through its cavern say that they were filled with an unnatural sense of dread whilst within sight of its waters and most would counsel taking a different route. Some even say that a malign force dwells within the lake, who will kill any who disturb the waters, or who make too much noise within its environs.


The Lonely Lake is a single large body of water in the south west of the Upper Underdark, which is fed by the Major Serpent river, which flows down from the Sapphire Lakes to the North, with the river flowing from the Lonely Lake at its south eastern shore and flowing on towards the Midnight Marshes.   The Lonely Lake is deep, so deep that even if a strong light source was introduced to the cavern, its waters would appear pitch black. Its banks descend from the surrounding land at an incredibly steep angle, and those that stray near the surface should mind their step, lest they accidentally plunge far below the surface. As the lake is so deep, its waters are incredibly cold, cold enough to impart cold water shock on those that enter them unprepared.   There is a single island within the Lonely Lake, a tiny sliver of land in its mid-southern section, that is little more than a spur of bare rock.

Localized Phenomena

As soon as one enters the cavern which contains the Lonely Lake, the air begins to feel heavy and muffling, dampening sounds and making it hard to talk and be heard without shouting. This phenomenon become stronger the closer one gets to the water’s edge and within a mile of the lake it has been observed to be impossible for any creature to make a sound without the aid of magical means.

Fauna & Flora

Unusually, even amongst locations within the Underdark, and especially strangely for a location with a major water source within it, no flora or fauna have been observed to exist within the waters of the lake, nor its wider cavern, save for creatures that accidentally wander into the region, and who almost all take their leave as quickly as possible.
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