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Temple of Gallena

Regarded as being the largest and most sacred of all of the sites dedicated to the goddess Gallena in the Underdark, the Temple of Gallena above the town of Mulvar's Outpost is a grand edifice that is both a temple and a monastery, housing those who wish to dedicate their lives to, or deepen their knowledge of Gallena and her work.

Purpose / Function

Originally, the Temple of Gallena at Mulvar's Outpost was constructed to provide a place to venerate and protect the sacred spring that Gallena miraculously made to appear, to provide clean water to refugees in need of aid. However, the legend associated with the place meant that the spring rapidly began to become a place of pilgrimage, which therefore amplified its status amongst the other sacred sites on the Material Plane dedicated to Gallena.   As a result, a monastery was founded to educate those wishing to dedicate their lives in service to Gallena, a more elaborate temple was constructed and a grand fountain was built around the original spring.   Now the temple complex functions as one of the largest sacred sites to Gallena in the whole of the Underdark and plays host to pilgrims who wish to worship there, scholars who wish to consult tomes in their prodigious library and is the home of the large religious community of dedicants who are committed to serve Gallena.


The main part of the Temple of Gallena has been constructed as a large quadrangle, with an interior courtyard that is dominated by a large, ornate fountain, set against the northern wall with a statue of Gallena herself as its centre piece. The fountain is built over a spring that was said to have miraculously appeared in the cavern to slake the thirst of a group of Deep Gnome refugees who had fled their homes following a slaving raid on their village. Run off from the fountain is channelled through a culvert in the north wall of the complex, which has created a waterfall and then a stream that runs through the town of Mulvar's Outpost below.   The actual building around the courtyard and fountain is four stories high with a large chapel built into the rock of the southern wall of the cavern in which the temple is set. All of the constituent parts of the temple and its associated monastery, including dormitories, refectory, library, guest accommodation and barracks for the temple’s guards are located within the quadrangle.   All of the buildings that make up the complex are constructed out of gleaming white marble, carved with symbols associated with Gallena, with roofs that have been constructed out of silver. Magical orbs of light have been placed at regular intervals around all of the external areas, to provide a constant source of illumination, and to amplify the brilliance of the surrounding marble and silver.  


  The Temple of Gallena is located on a rock outcrop, overhanging the southern end of the town of Mulvar's Outpost. It is directly accessible from the town by a set of carved stone steps that lead up to it from the main road that passes through the settlement. The temple and the town of Mulvar’s Outpost are located in the Upper Underdark, the foremost of the Underdark's levels.
Temple / Religious complex
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