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The Ruinous Rifts

Voze Island

  On the far eastern shore of Omnusat Island a fair distance away from the shores of The Shattered Collective (Region) : an unassuming island waits. The island is covered in new growrth trees and vegetation, game and birds are somewhat plentiful as well. At the islands center a circle of cleared land exists where no tree or plant shall grow; no animal shall tread. The red dirt of the ground is packed with black stones and if viewed from above they form an interesting series of interlocking arcane sigils. At the core of this clearing is a disc of black stone laying flat on the ground.  

The Gate

  The black stone disc is free from markings and is crafted from a matte black stone which absorbs rather than reflects light. It is about 15 feet across and would require a tremendous strength to move manually. Tales from the distant past of expeditions into the lands below the gate always mentioned a ritual of opening the way downwards. Since The Death of Magic however alternate solutions might be possible with technology, excavation: a pulley system, or simply blasting through the gate. Fortunately no-one has been silly enough to try those solutions, as rumors of the lands below mention a great deal of danger.  

The Rifts

  A series of natural (and unnatural) caves lead downwards from the island, and eventually wind their way underneath the main island of Omnusat as well. Many miles of tunnels exist below and few who have ventured down below have ever returned to tell the tale. These caves began to be called the rifts when planar energies from a large number of other planes were intentionallly woven into the caves making them even more dangerous to traverse. When the magic was stolen from this world much of these energies faded, but the wounds in the world remain in place to this day.
Underground / Subterranean

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