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The White Plateau

The White Plateau gets its name from the fact that it is always covered in snow, which has led to it also being called the Frozen Desert. Although seemingly desolate, life can be found on the plateau, such as the people of Hirzen.  

Oases of the Frozen Desert

Hot springs are the lifeblood of the White Plateau, offering water and warmth in a place where most water is frozen solid. The greatest of these is the Ruya lake(location), which is the headwater of the river of the same name. The river flows all the way down to Mondragnes, where it is known as the Gangos river. Others call it the Two Head river, since both ends are lakes. Regardless of what the river is called, the Ruya lake is home to the city of Yazen, capital of Hirzen. Smaller hot springs are often home to smaller settlements, and a gathering spot for every form of life on the plateau.  

Tyranny of the Wind

  Because of its high elevation, the White Plateau is subject to fierce winds. Due to the cold weather, blizzards and snow squalls happen fairly frequently. Blizzardbirds are notable for having adapted to these hostile conditions, their name coming from their ability to fly through blizzards like they were clear skies.
Up and Down
  A lock at the edge of the White Plateau is used to raise and lower ships to and from the plateau. Pagmaki Port is responsible for the maintenance and running of the lock.
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