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Hybridis is a world of many stories. It is home to five races: humans, orcs, cephal, lizal, and talpmans. There are also the dragons, powerful shapeshifting immortals born from falling stars. All of these different peoples have gathered together in different combinations, creating distinct cultures and settlements.   If you want a more detailed introduction and onboarding process with suggested readings, please read the below article. If you want to explore Hybridis all on your own, go right ahead. And if you want to talk about it with other people, scroll down for a link to the official Hybridis discord.  
Welcome to Hybridis
Generic article | Mar 3, 2022

Hybridis is a world of many stories. There is no central overarching narrative you must follow, but if you want one, the appearance of the dragons‌ can serve that role.

  Note: This world is in a state of open development, you'll be able to watch as I piece it together. Things you see that have yet to appear in a published work may change in the future as Hybridis continues to reveal more of itself. Feedback is vital for its development and I hope you enjoy watching it come together.