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Natives of the White Plateau that have evolved to thrive in its harsh conditions. Blizzardbirds are among some of the largest birds in Hybridis, rivaling their relatives the Rocs. Their size and snow white feathers have led to them being mistaken for clouds with surprising frequency.  

Lords of the Blizzard

  While most will flee a blizzard, blizzardbirds seek them out. Not only are they capable of flying through a blizzard with ease, but they can sense prey inside them too. This has led to a belief that blizzardbirds are spirits of the cold wind itself.  

Hunting Ranges

  If they struggle to find prey, blizzardbirds will hunt beyond the White Plateau. While they steer clear of settlements in normal conditions, during a blizzard even they become potential hunting grounds. To keep the blizzardbirds away, people have made special blizzard bells that repel the blizzardbirds with its noise.  

Nesting and Community

  Blizzardbirds nest in a type of tree called the Feather tree, its name coming from the large amount of feathers found by it. The two have a symbiotic relationship, where the feather trees have thick branches that form a wide u shape which makes them perfect spots for a blizzardbird to make its nest. Blizzardbirds eat the snow apples grown by the tree and spread its seeds across the plateau.   The intelligent social nature of blizzardbirds is on full display when it comes to their nests. Feather trees are host to an entire colony of blizzardbirds. While most of the adults are out hunting, a select few blizzardbirds will remain to guard the young of the colony, circling the tree in a tight formation. There also appear to be cases of feather tree seeds being placed deliberately in certain locations.
The Symbolism of Feathers
  Blizzardbird feathers are considered a symbol of strength, representing the power to withstand even the worst of conditions. The people of Hirzen only permit those who have accomplished something to incorporate them into their outfit.
  Despite their apparent reliance on hunting for food, blizzardbirds are omnivores. However, their large size and the limited selection of plant life on the plateau makes meat an important part of their diet. Blizzardbird chicks can mostly sustain themselves on snow apples until they grow older and larger.
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