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The Evercold

The northern polar icecap of Therrmordia, located on the continent of Uthrangir  


The northern polar region of Therrmordia is covered by the continent of Uthrangir. The main geographic feature of Uthrangir are the World Crown Mountains, a roughly circular mountain chain centered on the North Pole that mark the southern extent of the midnight sun, when the sun is visible for an entire day at least once a year. Within the ring of the World Crown Mountains lies the massive frozen sea known of the Evercold.   The true depth of the ice sheet is unknown, but if the land on the northern side of the World Crown is the same elevation as the lands to the south, the Evercold would be thousands of feet thick. It reaches higher than some of the lower peaks, and the five lowest passes through the World Crown are lower than the icecap. Through these passes, known as the Fingers due to their number and arrangement (four are grouped relatively close together while the firth one is far to the east) the Evercold spills down in massive glaciers.   The surface of the Evercold is roughly flat, but split with crevasses. The surface of the frozen sea is generally covered with a  few feet of snow, but the generally strong winds buffering the Evercold creates drifting action, so some areas have dunes dozens of feet high while in other areas the wind has scoured the surface down to the bare ice.   


The Evercold is the domain of Ice dragons and Frost Giants, though most prefer to live in the surrounding World Crown venturing into the icecap when needed. Dragons and giants are more than capable of surviving the extreme environment and some do choose to establish lairs and citadels within the ice itself. Other races may visit in search of lost treasure or rare crays, but do not stay for long, due to both the inhospitable climate and the less than friendly nature of the frost giants and ice dragons.
Desert, Ice


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Jul 13, 2021 01:47

Presumably Ice Dragons and Frost Giants have to leave this area to hunt or forage because i cannot image there is much to eat here, though maybe Ice Dragons and Frost Giants don't need as much sustenance as nonmagical creatures or perhaps they can draw sustenance from the cold somehow?