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The Lost Lands


Ayundra is a continent of suffering with a ring of ice and cold evelopping an zone of intense volcanic activity. On the outer edges, there are calming, rolling white hills followed by a few smowcapped mountains, both of which are sprawling with deadly predators. A bit to the southern ende of the landmass, there is a strip nearly parallel Lady Luck's Passage called the fold. The fold is a deadly hellscape of fire with unpredictable volcanoes, lava rivers, and pools of molten rock, where the tectonic plate broke during the great divide. The then created subduction has lowered the fold multiple kilometers below the ocean level, but the intense heat evaporates any water that comes close. The only part of the continent that welcomes humanoid life is the fine line where both extremes meet and can somewhat cancel each other. Still, even there, earthquakes are a daily occurence and the quick change in termperature is unhealthy to most normal mortal bodies. The source of water and limited too, as it either it stems from melting ice and has to be collected far away or it is polluted by the local volcanic sulphurs and ashes.

Localized Phenomena

Ashen Skies - When too many vulcanoes errupt and the local mages are overwhelmed, too much smoke sometimes turns the skies dark grey for days in a row. This generally considered an omen of death, as it mimics the spreading of a gigant black wing and thus prompts prayers to Aleha - The Ravenbringer

Natural Resources

With very limited fauna and flora remaining to survive the intense climate, even the most basic natural ressources, such as wood, dirt and water are rare. On the other hand, especially in the fold where the earth has split, many precious metals and cristals, some of which are rare magical components lie much closer to the surface.


Originally, during and before the time of the Orbirian Empire, Trian and Ayundra were one big continent. When Cira'lae merged with Averidan - Lady Luck in a unparalleled show of physical inference (How Xyveren's gods work), he split the langs appart to stop the deadly War of the North, which was about to eliminate his entire culture. Ever since, survival has become a very intense daily challenge for the inhabitants of Tolreheth.
Alternative Name(s)
Tolreheth (to it's denizens)
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