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Spiked Locutan

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Basic Information


Spiked Locutans are unbalanced snakes with large, usually backwards facing spikes on their head. They have a body reaching up to 7m in length and nearly 50cm in diameter. Usually covered in large scales, their colour vary between different shades of darker browns, greys and occasionally maroon red. They have tail that splits into three parts about halfway. The middle part is generally used for balance, while the other two are more utility based, with another set of spikes spikes. They are decent climbers, and move both quickly and nimbly, using their tails like coils to fling themselves at prey. Their heads are a mix between lynx and snake shaped, with two rows of sharp teeth.

Growth Rate & Stages

Xocutans lay eggs, and for spiked Xocutans to hatch, they have to reach nearly 200° Celsius, which is the average temperature of the the outside of the partents stomach. Until hatching, the eggs can remain stagnant ("frozen") for nearly 100 years. Once hatched, young Locutans, which are ca. 30cm at that point, have no spikes and only two teeth. Their parents feed them small insects until they are able to hunt for themselves. A first sign of reaching maturity is a second row of teeth, and their spikes start growing in. Once their tail starts splitting, they are abandonned by their parents, considered adults, and beginn reproducing. The longer the spilt tail, the more mature the creatue.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Omnivore - though their diet is mostly based on creatures. They are known to hunt very large mammals, including humanoids, which can then satisfy them over a certain period, where they mainly filter minerals from consumed dirt and rock. Being creatures of fire and used to intense heat, they do not need to rely on a constant source of water but are fine with the bits of hydration taht comes with their meals (or occasionally will consume leaves or grass for their water).

Additional Information


Being a dangerous animal of prey, both frozen Locutans and later their spiked relatives were originally feared by the inhabitants of Ayundra but in recent years, there have been attempts at domesticating and weaponizing them, which is turning out to be very difficult due to their solitary nature, scaling hot scales (:D) and unwillingness to cooperate with what they consider their food.

Civilization and Culture


Before the split of Ayundra from the mainland, only one species of Locutan (the frost Locutans) were known. Since the Fold was created as a gigantic, vulcanic death trap, the change in environment has forced quick adaptation of the Locutan population. They survived the original catastrophy thanks to developing magical resistance to heat very quickly in the same way as how they handeled the very cold temperatures before.
Frost Locutan
120 years
Geographic Distribution


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