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Bulhenian Mountains

The Bulhenian Mountains are the Highest mountains on Exflora. They also separate the continents of The Continent of Zerebim and The Continent of Karnak. But more importantly, they also separate the regions of Exflora that have a magical society and those that do not.   The mountains are almost totally impenetrable with only 3 very infrequently used passes through the mountains over its full length. One pass, called the "Mountain highway" is through the mountains between Batan and Seling Tso. Another pass, called "The Kraggy Way", is between Maritsa Oaglari and Seling Tso and the third, called "Dead Man's Footsteps" traverses between Namana and Socotra. These passes are generally only passable in the few months over the summer but even so, they have snow on the ground all year round.   The outcome of this lack of connectivity is that the societies north of the Bulhenian Mountains have developed in a very different way from the rest of Exflora. These lands make up The Continent of Zerebim which in their society makeup have magical skills at the heart of the operations of the society. This skill may vary in its implementation and focus in the different countries but each nation on the north side of the Bulhenian Mountains have the ability to do magic.   The Mountains are very inhospitable with a very thin atmosphere and a lack of good weather for the growing of crops, and without magical wards, the higher reaches of the mountains would be totally inaccessible to the people of the area. The topography of the region is generally made up of villages and small towns situated in sheltered regions of the mountains, often in step walled valleys, near caves or inside land depressions, all of which shields the community from the very frequent bad weather and high winds in the mountain region.   The farming in the region is often with herd animals that can cope with the high mountain conditions and the farming of wild products such as Mushrooms, Fungi, Berries and other seasonal wild produce. These are transported down to the lower reaches of the mountains by pack animals as they are suitable to traverse the rickety mountain bridges and mountain paths.  


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