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The Continent of Karnak

The Continent of Karnak is one of 6 continents on the world of Exflora. It lies between the Lydia Ocean and the Heptanomis Ocean on the east and west and the Bulhenian Mountains in the north and the Eastern Karmak Sea and the Western Karnak Sea in the South.  
Continents of Exflora cover
  The Cities in the Continent of Karnak are very vibrant and individually different from each other. Once the Raisen Institute has completed their city reports they will be linked to the below map.    
The Continent of Karnak
  The Nations that make up the continent of Karnak are: Koi Peninsula, Kameoka, Ilaria, Ogurchinski, Saros, Tosna, Lepaya, Kuban, Lutsk, Gori, Kemostr, Tuz Gold, Attawapiskat, Tatnani Coast, Bek Budi, Tarim, Shisur, Kokand Island, Namana, Maritsa Oaglari, Batan, Inkister, Amlin, Eaton, Sayar, Roulo, Nittadel, Rohri, St Jorat, Ernen, Koetarabja, Port Matara, and Secunderabad.   The continent can also be seen in the globe below in its relationship to the other continents in its area.  


The continent stretches from the foothills of the impenetrable Bulhenian Mountains in the north to the warm tropical Eastern Karnak Sea and the Western Karnak Sea in the South with the Karnak Desert on the central plains in between. In the East, the Koi Peninsula mountains hold up as the most prominent feature of the Eastern side of the continent.    

Fauna & Flora

There are different environments on the Karnak Continent which create a wide variety of environments for Flora and Forna.
Colour Environment
White Grasslands and Farming Lands
Light Blue Alpine Forests and Snowcover
Bright Green Tropical Forests and Tropical Farming
Yellow Desert and Arid Farming Lands
Moss Green Temperate Forests

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