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The Sea of Echoes

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The Sea of Echoes is a large body of saltwater that separates the western coast of Meridon and Melorn from the eastern coast of Cambria. Trade is nonexistent in the Sea of Echoes save for the most nearshore coastlines owing to the countless violent privateers and monstrous inhabitants of the area.   The Sea is named for the Spirit Echoes; ships and sailors that fell victim to Echo Titania, and who now relive their final moments as arcane specters for eternity.  


The Sea of Echoes is dominated by the large, central Stormbreak Isle, but also features the Dunlevy and Brilgow island chains.  


Not since the fall of the The Coral Kingdom have any Thalassian colonies been known to call the Sea of Echoes home, though a rare few sea elves still dwell there.  

Coralheart Elves

To call them elves is to honor their ancestry, but to say nothing of their reality. These cretins are the lost and twisted souls of the Coral Kingdom who have long since lost their morality, sanity and (seemingly) their mortality. Prior to the destruction of the Coral Kingdom ins 370 S.A, the Coralheart elves were dwelt largely within its walls--now, they have fled the ruins of their home and live in the dark cracks and submerged valleys of the sea.  


A swirling tempest of salt and sea that dwells in the Bay of Dunvald.  

Echo Titania

A triad of colossal giants that wades through even the deepest reaches of the Sea of Echoes, presumed by scholars to be a particularly violent and long-lived Aspect of Trickery.  

The Nereoserpent

The Nereoserpent, or Jormungandr in the Goliath tongue is a colossal serpent, described has being entirely or partly made of flowing saltwater that lives in the Sea of Echoes.  

International Conflict

Since the 277th year of the Second Age, Stormbreak Isle has remained contested land between both Cambria and Meridon who both seek to establish a permanent sanctuary on its shores and assert dominance of the Sea of Echoes and, by extension, any trade and resources therein. Most islands on the Sea are occupied by active warrior-sailors of either Cambrian or Meridonian military.  


Adding to the ever-present, natural dangers of the Sea of Echoes and in an effort to weaken their opposition, both sides of the conflict make liberal use of so-called 'Privateers'; paid pirates operating within the bounds of their respective laws. Such privateers make their livings by sabotaging, looting and sinking opposing warships and are therefore battle-hardened and excessively cunning by necessity.  
Piracy is, for good reason, not well looked upon by Cambrian society, so the Cambrian nobles refer to their sponsored raiding parties as Privateers. The Goliaths across the sea suffer no such politicking or double-speak and call these sailors by their true name: pirates.
— Lord Pengrove

Notable Locations

  • Bay of Dunvald.
  • The Gold Coast.
  • Stormbreak Isle. .
  • Dunlevy Archipelago.
  • Brilgow Islands.
  • The King's Vortex.
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