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Melorn is an elven province controlled by the the Arboreans (Wood Elves). Their territory is covered in dense woodlands and green, sprawling plains cut by clear blue rivers. To the east, the Makura Bay opens to the Barcencio Bay and the The Sea of Echoes. To the north lies The Broken Colonies and to the south sits their Somnian elf neighbors of Nuriliath.  


  • Yavannamíre. The provincial capitol and home to the Bloodwood Great Tree.
  • Ironwood.
  • Cypress.
  • Hawthorn.
  • Foxglove.
  • Port Kapok.
  • Port Rothrandil.
  • Romagnus Anchorage. A riverine port of predominantly orcish population, and the seat of Archdruid Romagnus and his ever-living draconian companion, Titan.
  • Camphor.
  • Elanor.
  • Sequoia.
  • Kingsfoil.
  • Stonecrop.
  • Rubus.
  • Silver Point.
  • Silverberry.
  • Buckthorn.
  • Lishara Head.
  • Kraken Point. Controlled by the Thalassian Elves as a land port.


  • The Black Gate. A foul construction of blood-soaked black stone hewn by demon cultists of Gorgoroth in the 300th year of the Second Age. Since the disbandment of the Gorgorothian cult, the dark gateway has stood abandoned.
  • Mount Pelithyr. A mountain of truly monumental size near the western boundary of Melorn and home to a sacred temple of Artoš.
  • Sylva's Archways.
  • Ancilon Forest. A sprawling wood in the heartland of Melorn. In the deepest reaches of this forest the trees grow so large that three elves can walk abreast along the boughs, and best they do, for the beasts which dwell on the forest floor are hunters one and all.
  • Aroboros. The Arboreal Tower in the common tongue, Aroboros is the first and largest of the great trees, a mighty bloodwood which stands at the easternmost point of Melorn and serves as a religious leader for the Arboreans.
  • Inhabitants

    The Arboreans are a peaceful, woodland-loving people and followers of Artoš or her children. They live alongside small populations of Artosian Orcs and suffer mostly from foreign pillagers coming to seek their natural resources.  


    Throughout Melorn's territory, friends of the forest can make use of Feywalking. An unearthly road which allows the elves and their allies to travel great distances in a short time.    


  • A hunting party of humans attempts (and fails) to burn down Aroboros. 377 S.A.
  • The War of Retribution resulted in Melorn being sheared in half. All land north of the Sharannore mountains was lost to the Arboreans.
  • The Elven Treatise is written, broken, and later re-written.
  • The Village of Mangrove is destroyed, later recolonized and renamed New Naserine, and later secedes from Melorn's control and is renamed to Naserine's Echo.
  • The town of Naserine (now called Old Naserine) is destroyed by an Elder Oblex, and the tree is slain.
  • A Cult of Gorgoroth constructs the Black Gate (see the Landmarks section)
  • Melorn, Provincial Map cover
    A map of Melorn in the 303rd year of the Second Age.
    Economy: Moderate   Military: Very Weak outside their homeland, Very Strong within.

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