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Nuriliath is a warm-temperate province located between the Melorn and Bharazad. Nuriliath is lead by the Somnian Elves (also called the elves of the Dreaming, and, like other elvish kingdoms, Nuriliath is ruled by a matron monarchy. At present, the Somnians and their province are ruled by the Spirit Queen Gvendolyn.  


Nuriliath is an endless series of misty plateaus overlooking grassy lowland steppes. While Nuriliath is largely temperate, experiencing short but warm summers and harsh winters, the climate is largely dependent on your location within the province. The elevation change in parts of the province is so great that a plateau reaching into the clouds is often said to experience a different season than the steppes far below it.   The Somnian elves have left an indelible mark on these lands--their ties to the The Astral Sea and their indifference to the hobgoblin presence have, on more than one occasion, lead to strange weather phenomena arising from the realm of dreams or the hobgoblins' own "gods"--what most call Aspects of the Divine.  


The Somnian elves are not alone in their homelands, and for centuries now they have shared these rough valleys and highlands with countless legions of Hobgoblins.  

Notable Locations

  • Mount Myranil. A great mountain, atop which are grown the miraculous Apostolos Roses.
  • Mae Belanore. Called the Lavender Hills in the common tongue, the Mae Belanore is a near-endless sprawl of hills and valleys with abundant lavender fields throughout. A particularly dangerous locale, a once-opened Leyline, is sealed shut and protected by the Somnians here.
  • D'haaran Prayer Camp. A small encampment near a mountain's peak. A few d'haaran priests reside here year round.
  • Cities & Towns

  • Hollyhock. The provincial capitol, and home to the Wizards of Nine.
  • Forsythia. A small town in the lowlands, which struggles since its loss of life-sustaining magical gems, the Stones of Prosperity.
  • Primrose.
  • Valerian.
  • Mallow.
  • Wolfsbane.
  • Verbena.
  • Poppyseed.
  • Shathyr Harbour. One of two coastal towns not under control of the Somnians alone. Shathyr harbour is cooperatively ruled by the Somnian queendom & a flock of Aarakockra.
  • Sil'roth Harbour. One of two coastal towns not under control of the Somnians alone. A collection of halfling and human pirates have partly wrenched control of this port from the hands of the elves, and maintain a tense peace with the Nuriliath queendom.

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