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Riverstone is a temple-complex atop a river isle in the Aen'ithil river. Despite Riverstone's small port (capable of housing half a dozen docked ships at maximum), the isle's political neutrality invites frequent traffic from sailors unwanted elsewhere. The storm god's clerics-for-hire are infamously effective guardians aboard ships, proving effective at warding off pirates and ill weather alike.  


The Temple of Riverstone sits in the Aen'ithil River, several days west of the Melornish capitol of Yavannamíre.


None yet.


Most who live on the island are devoted Clerics of D'haar and live on the isle year-round while they practice discipline of mind, body and soul in pursuit of D'haaran perfection. Among the island's inhabitants are a small handful of impermanent traders who sell their good to other travelers until their stocks run low and they return to drier lands.
Region: Melorn / Nuriliath   Political Affiliations: None   Religious Affiliations: D'haar