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D'haar, sometimes D'haaro (male) or D'haara (female) is a deity of natural disasters, ill weather, self-discipline, and horses. Little is known of D'haar's mortal life or their ascendance to godhood, and scholars hold that D'haar has intentionally washed away their own history with wave and thunder.   D'haar's faithful pay tribute in treacherous locales as a show of strength and discipline; precipitous mountaintops, at sea in a hurricane, or at the heart of a rumbling volcano. For good or evil, worshipers of D'haar hold to three key tenets:  
  • Weather the Storm. Practice endurance of mind and body, and stand as monolith before the tidal wave.
  • Decisiveness. Act not in half measures. If you mean to strike, strike true. The hurricane does not hesitate.
  • Respect. Shown to those who earn it. Demand respect of others, lest they crumble beneath your fury.

Notable Clerics

  • The Lady Selkie , Once-Heir to Thalassar & current Master of the Blessed Forge.
  • Aratiri, the current leader of the Purelake in the Brimdale Mountains, west of The Broken Colonies.
  • Title(s): The Stormlord, the Seamother   Divine Rank: Greater Deity   Symbol: A gold lightning bolt striking three waves  
    The holy symbol of D'haar
      Alignment: Chaotic Neutral