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The Broken Colonies

Large swaths of land formerly belonging to Cambria and Melorn dissolved into nearly a dozen city-states during the War of Retribution. This land, now called the Broken Colonies, has no unified government and spans the region between the Wailing Wood and the Sharannore Mountains.    


  • Yellowseed.
  • Helmfirth.
  • Southfort. A stronghold town owned by House Hadleigh, whose guardsmen and adventuring contracts protect the citizenry from the insectoid thri-kreen who dwell in the Howling Pass.
  • Southold
  • Milchester
  • Jasmine
  • Naserine's Echo. A port town under control of the warlike Lady Zara. The town was previously home to Zara's adventuring party, and consequently holds many unique treasures--including the Aegis Eternal, which grants eternal life to those in its sphere of influence.
  • Thornton
  • Redplate Point. A small fishing village known for its Redplate Perch Redplate Perch. A Meridon raiding party sacked the village and massacred most residents in springtime 307 S.A.
  • Brighton. The provincial capitol and seat of the Duchess of Cambria. Brighton is a sprawling city of tradesmen and would-be heroes.
  • Sleepy Hollow. Devilishly haunted.
  • Crestfall. A modest stronghold and village in southern Cambria that controls the southernmost trade roads. Home to the House of Order.
  • Landmarks

  • The Elf Wall. A few half-constructed towers and trenches dug as an initiative undertaken in year 243 intending to close off the border to Melorn. It was abandoned for economic reasons, and has become overgrown.
  • The Howling Pass. A rocky canyon which separates the Broken Colonies from the Dreadlands to the north. The pass is bewitched, or perhaps simply convoluted--few who travel through can agree on the layout of the canyons within.
  • Guild Presence & Noble Houses

    A small number of guilds have power rivaling large noble houses. Most notable among them are the Beryllian war clerics of the House of Order and the Iron Skyjacks, an artificing guild specializing in the highly lucrative business of airships & aircraft weaponry.   Among the most notable noble houses in Cambria are the Pengroves of Brighto, the Thornwoods of Crestfall, the Foxgloves of Helmfirth & Yellowseed and the Hadleighs of Southfort.

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